Form Guide

The Punting Form Guide is unrivaled. Our data is expertly recorded by a team of 30+ people using the best tools and quality control in the industry. The sectional data is used by the sharpest punters and media personalities in the industry, and it will add an extra dimension to how you do form.

Free users can access the standard form guide, which features all your familiar information. Like runners, trainers, barriers, prize money, recent performances, and more.

And on the weekend you can access some of our more popular tools, including the dynamic Speed Maps and Meeting Quick Guides:

Once you see the value of these incredible form tools, you'll want to try our Starter or Professional subscription.

Here you get to see our exclusive ratings and sectional benchmark data. The ratings tools make it incredible easy to digest form, where the benchmark data allows you to compare any runner and any race. Find out who went fastest last start, who shows early speed or who closes the last 600m or last 200m the strongest.

The benchmark data is measured in lengths and you can see an example below:

The database doesn't end there as you can find jockey, trainer and barrier/runstyle edges. Plus a lot more. We've literally compared millions of runs over the last 11+ years. If you want the form guide that professionals use, use you need Punting Form.

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