*NEW* PF AI Ratings

We started Punting Form more than 12 years ago because we love betting on racing and we want to make racing data more accessible to everyone who shares our love for the great game.

Recently one of our modeller partners approached us and offered to create Punting Form an AI-generated rating. We were sceptical at first but happy to collaborate with the modeller to see what he could create.

The modeller's only condition was that if he created a profitable AI generated rating we would agree to make it available to our Starter subscribers for only $59 per month.

Here we are a few months later and the modeller has delivered us an AI-generated rating with winning performance results from 1 Jan-23 till 23 Mar-24.

See the results below. They are truly mind-blowing.

As you can see, there are dozens of different ways to use the data.

However, we've tried to filter and back-test it to find the most profitable strategies, whilst considering simplicity and bet volume.

PF AI Ratings Bet Selections: Explained

  1. The PF AI Ratings performance results are from 1 Jan-23 till 23 Mar-24.
  2. PF AI Ratings do not include any market price inputs. It is a pure AI-generated rating using fundamental factors.
  3. There are 3 PF AI Ratings - PF AI Price (for the upcoming race), PF AI Rank (for the upcoming race) and PF AI Score (global rating across all horses).
  4. We release our PF AI Ratings within 1 hour of markets opening for every AU/HK/SG TAB meeting, every day.
  5. Our bet selections are determined by identifying runners with expected value (EV) i.e. where the runner's PF AI Price is less than the TAB Fixed Odds, when the PF AI Ratings are released, plus some basic bet filter rules.
  6. See our PF AI Ratings results using our bet filters, below.

Newly Released

True to our word, we are now supplying PF AI Prices (for the upcoming race), PF AI Rank (for the upcoming race) and PF AI Scores (global rating across all horses) for every runner, in every race, in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, as part of our Starter subscription. For only $59 per month.

Professional subscribers also get access to all our Ratings including our PF AI Ratings.

PF AI Ratings vs Tom Waterhouse Tips Subscriptions

To further highlight the incredible value, we compared the performance, costs and bet volume of the PF AI Ratings vs Tom Waterhouse's Tips product.


  1. Tom Waterhouse's "Best Prices" metric is the "top price after the tips are sent (with corporate bookmakers only)". We are certain this is impossible to achieve, instead for our PF AI Ratings performance results….
    1. We use the TAB fixed odds price when our PF AI Ratings are released as our bet odds.
    2. Other corporate bookmakers may be offering better odds than TAB, when we release our PF AI Ratings.
    3. We could inflate our returns by recording the best available odds across all corporate bookmakers when we release our PF AI Ratings but….
    4. We appreciate not all of our subscribers will be able to get the best available price at the same time when our PF AI Ratings are released.
    5. We believe using the TAB fixed odds price at time the PF AI Ratings are released is a fair price performance reporting metric.
    6. waterhousetips.com Early Mail performance statistics do not include 'Best Prices' as a metric. Instead it states "Stats calculated at the recommended prices sent in the tips."
    7. We are unsure how difficult it is to get bets on at the "recommended prices".
  2. Expected Value (EV) means a runner's PF AI Price is less than the TAB Fixed Odds Price.
  3. waterhousetips.com release their tips many hours, sometimes days, after we release PF AI Ratings. The TW Early Mail tips are sent by 3pm Thursday. This is more than 24 hours after PF AI Ratings are released for Saturday metro meetings.
  4. waterhousetips.com report their Early Mail price advantage by comparing the price when they release their tips versus the start price (SP). "This is the key indicator along with profit that I use to judge long-term success."
  5. Cost per week for a Punting Form Starter subscriber is $59 per month, times 12, divided by 52 = $13.62 per week.
  6. Top 1 = PF AI Rank 1 runner at the time the PF AI prices are released | Top 2 = PF AI Rank 1 or 2 runners | Top 3 = PF AI Rank 1, 2 or 3 runners | All = All runners except the last 2 PF AI Rank runners
  7. We used waterhousetips.com for comparison because we understand they are the most popular racing tips site in Australia.
  8. waterhousetips.com package prices are as at 4 May 2024.
  9. waterhousetips.com performance statistics are as displayed on the site on 4 May 2024. Note the 'Stats' summary for each package compared states, results are 'As at end of 23 Mar 2024'.

This is an industry-shifting product and we're proud to release PF AI Ratings to the market.

We look forward to your feedback and are available to answer any questions ([email protected]).

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